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Manage G Suite in your entire organization

Add users, create groups and configure settings and security from one single centralized application.

Control and Security

Setup and management is simple and easy with centralized administration. Integrated Cloud Identity features to setup security options like Two-factor authentication and to manage users. Security analytics and best practices recommendations to help protect your organization in the Security Center

Endpoint management

Use endpoint management to check usage, manage security settings and monitor applications/limit access on any endpoint

Data Regions

Limit the geographical location of your covered G Suite data at rest. Users will have full functionality, even while data is being moved. 

Organizations that want geo-control, this feature gives you the choice to pick where covered data is stored at rest — globally distributed, in the US, or across Europe.

Admin top questions

How do I sign in to my Admin console?

Just head over to admin.google.com and sign in with your email address and password

What are user accounts?

User accounts are accounts that are created to give people username and password so they can have access to G Suite. You can also create groups and organizational units at no additional cost

Can I change data regions by organizational unit (OU)?

Yes, you can split the data by OU and there are no restrictions on how many times you request a data move or the number of data moves.