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What are the benefits of Google Workspace for business purposes?

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite has become one of the key tools for success for many businesses. After onboarding a million business users for just under two years, Google announced in October 2020 that Google Workspace has more than 6 million users. Here we want to show you some of the benefits included in Google Workspace and see if they may solve any of your business problems.

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Google Cloud Platform vs. AWS

It’s time to dispel a common major myth about the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as it relates to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Despite what many believe, Google is not “new” to the cloud. In fact, Google’s cloud infrastructure predates Amazon’s; for years, Google used it for all of its internal projects, including Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. GCP simply allows other enterprises to take advantage of the same time-tested cloud services that Google has relied upon for years.

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Word and Excel on Google Drive

“Our organization has invested a great deal in training in Word and Excel. Our employees are familiar with them. Why should we switch to other products such as Google Docs and Google Sheets?”

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Chromebook – a secure, fast and user-friendly device for the workplace

Making choices. It’s something we do every single day. Some choices are easy; for example, if you are hungry or thirsty, choosing to have something to eat or drink. Other choices, however, are much more difficult. “Which coffee should we choose for the workplace?”, “Where should our business premises be located?” (The choice of coffee, in particular, is a tricky decision, after all.)

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Why choose Google for Education?

Google for Education is a set of digital products from Google. The tools are designed to be used for hosting and distributing digital documents, communication and collaboration through cloud-based technology, and can assist teachers, students, researchers and organisations – at all levels. Google for Education products include the collaboration platform G Suite for Education, the Classroom service, the Chromebook devices, and Google Cloud Platform – a tool for storage, machine learning and management of big data.

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Why choose a Chromebook?

For the majority of computer users a Chromebook will mean better performance and less maintenance than is the case with more expensive machines. A Chromebook is a sensible and positive choice, whether you need to upgrade your own device or your child needs a new laptop to do their homework.

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Make your workplace more secure with 2-factor authentication

“Hundreds of thousands of passwords leaked online”. This was the headline of an article on in October this year, and unfortunately one of a great many highlighting the fact that usernames and passwords are more and more frequently being compromised and posted openly on the internet.

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