Success Story

Havelock Google Cloud journey, powered by Cloud Office


The Cloud Office team introduced and guided Havelock in the Google for Startup program. The approval brought benefits of up to $200K Google cloud credits. On the tech front, Cloud Office extended team delivered required DevOps services and setup.

The Challenge

As a leader in the new, self-sustainable method for project and process management it was essential for Havelock to demonstrate software capabilities and provide test / demo environment for its prospects and improve sales rates. With the legacy cloud provider and due to technology setup these demo environments were generating additional cost, which was making the business case tough to go through.

The Solution

The solution combined the forces of 1. Commercially enabled and 2. technology migration and setup. On the commercial front, Cloud Office has been the trusted adviser during the entire process of Google for Digital natives startups program. On the tech front the extended DevOps team delivered migration and setup leveraging technologies ike K8s with autopilot, compute engine, CloudSQL and others

The Result

Havelock has a reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure to support their superior product and growth. Being able to provide demo environments accelerated the sales cycle and product adoption.

The migration of Havelock to Google Cloud was not an easy task, but thanks to Cloud Office and their DevOps partners, it went smoothly and within the deadlines.
Anton Yordanov
Senior Software Engineer, Havelock
About: Havelock
The radically new, self-sustainable method for project and process management
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