Google forms
Google forms


Easy to create forms for everyone

Create custom surveys and questionnaires at no additional cost. Gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in Google Sheets.

It doesn't have to be complex

You can create a form as easily as creating a document. Select from a variety of question types like radio buttons, drop downs and scales. Choose the correct order with the drag and drop functionality and create branching to collect only what you need.

Google forms
Google forms

Automatic summaries to analyze responses

See the responses in real time. You can work with the raw data with Google Sheets and automate reporting with BI tools like Google Data Studio.

Top questions

Do people need Google accounts to respond to forms?

No. Anyone can respond to Google Forms.

Can I keep a form private to only my company?

Yes. The sharing settings for Google Forms make it easy to control who is able to view and edit your forms.

Can Google Forms handle a large number of responses?

Yes. Google Forms can handle as much data as Google Sheets, and Google Sheets can currently handle 2 million cells of data. That’s a lot of data.

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