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The Cloud Office team was recognized with 2 new lines of expertise from Google Cloud

When you see a partner with an Expertise, it indicates whether they have demonstrated customer success by product, workload, and/or industry, based on a defined set of requirements.

Partner Expertise

Partner Expertise is a part of the journey to promote and differentiate our capabilities through validated customer success stories based on product, solution, or industry.

Achieving and Expertise

Google follows a very thorough evaluation process in order to award a partner with expertise. For a partner to achieve an Expertise, they need to have a required number of certified employees in the respective area and demonstrate customer success with a specific Google Solution, such as deploying Google Workspace or Google Cloud Platform services. Once the partner applies for an Expertise, Google does a cross check of the Success Story with the client and upon approval, the Expertise is awarded to the partner.

Our Expertise

For the past 12 months we have demonstrated a lot of customer success stories which proved our capability in Google Workspace(G Suite) and Google Cloud Platform. We have achieved 3 Expertise in: 

Work Transformation

Demonstrated success with deploying Google Workspace (G Suite), which includes providing services such as governance, technical implementation, training, processes optimization, and support.

Google Cloud Productivity

Demonstrated success in the following areas: Google Drive, Google Workspace and Google Cloud Search.

Google Cloud Compute

Demonstrated success with deploying App Engine, Compute Engine, Container Build, Google Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry, Kubernetes, Cloud Functions.

Why is this important

It can be difficult to gauge the quality of a vendor in advance as well as know if they have the technical know-how and experience to help you address your business challenges. That’s why Google evaluates their partners and recognizes the ones who have shown proof of their capabilities, so you can work with a trusted partner.

We at Cloud Office always strive to provide our customers with the right set of tools and knowledge to make their businesses grow stronger. If you also need a Partner that can allow you to utilize your Cloud capabilities or strategies, make sure to get in touch!

About us:
Cloud Office is authorized Sell and Service partner in CEE with proven capabilities in Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace and Chrome OS and Education
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