The Future of Gmail

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Google brought email, chat, voice & video calling together. Also, there are added Rooms, so you can have all of your conversations, communications and manage all of your projects – from one place.

Use Rooms straight in Gmail

With rooms you can start a project with your team, share files, assign group tasks and stay on top of the progress. Rooms is available on web and mobile without leaving the familiar Gmail interface. Just click on the + next to “Rooms”, name your Room, add your team members and start your project communications.

Get organized and prioritize your work with Tasks in Gmail. This feature allows you to easily convert emails into tasks with just one click. You can create deadlines that will automatically appear in your calendar, and check tasks off as you complete them. Baked directly into the side panel, you can create, view and manage your task lists without leaving Gmail.

Create a calendar invite directly from email

You can use this feature to create an event in Calendar directly from the email you want. The event description becomes the body of the email and the recipients get added to the event as well. To create an event from an email, open the email and click the three dots at the top center of your screen. Afterwards click on “Create an event” and Gmail will open a new calendar page with the event information already added from the email.

Tune out the irrelevant with the Gmail mute feature. Because we’ve all found ourselves trapped in unnecessary email threads, the Gmail Mute feature was created. With two clicks, you can mute email threads that aren’t relevant or that you no longer wish to follow. All future responses to that thread will now be automatically muted so you can focus your attention elsewhere. If you decide to rejoin the conversation, you can unmute the email thread just as easily. You can mark an email as irrelevant by clicking on the three dots and then Mute.

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