Success Story

AvioClaim: Workflow Automation with AppScript

Workflow automation

Cloud office introduced Apps Script as a solution to raising customer requests for compensations due to delayed or canceled flights.

The Challenge

The team was manually processing online orders triggering emails, containing all necessary information. This included populating the data into different document templates, sending it back to customers to collect signatures, uploading the documents into drive building a folder tree. The total steps required from beginning to end were more than 20.

The Solution

With AppScript we were able to map the entire process and automate 90% of all steps required. From auto populating the data in all templates to sending emails to customers and sorting the documents in drive, we were able to reduce the effort by 90%. Everything was built on top of G Suite in their own domain.

The Result

Eliminating the manual steps reduced the time taken to process a request from 15 minutes in average to less than 2 minutes now. The employees are getting notified when all documents are signed and saved in the proper folder. On top the management team has full visibility of all process requests available real time via custom dashboard.

Cloud Office pricing model allows the customer to use the solution “as a service” requiring no initial investment and delivering 4X ROI.

Avio Claim is a team of professionals whose purpose is to help you quickly and easily get your compensation.
Sofia, Bulgaria
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