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 G Suite Add-ons

Your favorite third-party applications, inside G Suite

Integrate how you work into where you work with G Suite Add-ons

Extend the value of G Suite

Deep integrations between G Suite and other productivity applications allow work to happen seamlessly across platforms, all from inside G Suite

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Consistently access your workplace apps

Keep your favorite applications open in the G Suite side panel, whether you’re working in Gmail, Calendar, or Drive

Power context-aware scenarios

Surface relevant information and enable actions based on what you’re working on and which G Suite app you’re working in

G Suite Add-ons top questions

How do I get started building with G Suite Add-ons?

It’s easy to get started with G Suite Add-ons. Head over to the Developer Center for all the information you need to know to start building an Add-on. Click here for more details.

Can Admins manage which Add-ons employees install?

Automatically download or choose which Add-ons to install for employees through the Google Admin Console.

How can Admins control what data Add-ons can access?

Admins can use the API Permissions tool to define which APIs can be accessed through add-ons, including disabling and whitelisting specific add-ons to have access to user data.