Google Workspace training

Google Workspace training

Empower your team with the skills to leverage their new cloud tools. 

Switching to a new platform is an important change for your employees, and you want your go-live day to go as smoothly as possible. 

That is why Cloud Office provides Google Workspace training conducted by a certified team. We will be able to assist you with comprehensive trainig tailored made for your exact needs.

What's included

User training

We will go step by step and cover all the Google Workspace applications. Completing the training will ensure your team knows how to setup their account, work with Gmail, Drive, create and collaborate on content and use efficiently all the tools included in Google Workspace.

Admin training

Are you planning to manage your Google Workspace account with your own resources? We'll provide comprehensive training to your IT team and by the end of this course, they will be able to completely manage, deploy, or expand your Google Workspace domain.

Product specific training

You need to learn about a specific Google Workspace application? We'll develop and provide a training course, covering exactly what you need in details. We'll show live demonstrations and provide materials for the app you sign-up for to get the most out of it.

Help your team learn more about their new tools. Our certified training team will help you make use of all the great features that Google Workspace has to offer.

Upskill your team

by ensuring they have the skillset to use their new cloud tools 

Improve productivity

by teaching your team all the tips and tricks that save time

Reinforce operations

by encouraging your users to redesign processes in more efficient ways

Start learning now

Get in touch. We'll consult and answer all your questions at no cost.