New integrated experience in G Suite

New G Suite Workspace

Google recently announced a new integrated workspace that brings your favorite apps all together. This workspace is now rolling out to all G Suite customers on the web and Android. It will soon launch for iOS as well. Rapid release domains will get the features automatically in the next 15 days.

Gmail will now feature four distinct apps, to help you stay organized

Mail – the same Gmail experience users know and love.

Chat – allowing users to message co-workers and groups directly.

Rooms – which are spaces that include shared chat, files, and tasks to help groups more easily work on projects.

Meet – check your upcoming meetings.

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Collaboration and co-editing

With this feature, you’ll also be able to open and co-edit a document with your team without leaving Gmail. This makes it easier to collaborate directly within the context of where you’re doing your work at that moment.

In addition, several new tools will be introduced to help you prioritize and stay focused
Assign group tasks.

– Get notified about task updates in rooms.

– Pin important rooms so they’re easier to find and access.

– Set your availability to “Do not disturb.”

– Better protect your time with status notices in Chat like “Out of office.”

– See files shared in a room.

– See integrated search results and toggle between Email and Chat results on the web.

– Start a new meeting or see your upcoming meetings under “Meet” on the web.

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