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Unlock the full power of G Suite

G Suite deployment services

We will help you implement G Suite and move your organization important data to G Suite from your current solution. Files and emails will be safely migrated without any risk of losing important company information.

We have successfully migrated 5+ million emails and more than 50TB of files to G Suite.

Leading companies trusted us for their G Suite deplyments

We build custom solutions with App Script on top of G Suite.

Are you wasting time with repetitive non-value add processes, like preparing invoices manually, receiving a bunch of attachments and organizing them, keeping stakeholders up to date by preparing and sending various reports, tracking collections and so on. Sounds familiar isn’t it? 

We can help! Our team has successfully deployed different automation projects with an average ROI of 4X! 

Even more, our solutions are built to solve issues, not creating such. You can use them “As a service” eliminating the need for CAPEX.

You’ve deployed G Suite, but do you know the actual impact on the organization?

Our Business Impact Survey provides a qualitative analysis of G Suite usage and impact within your organization. We’ll help you understand the current ROI and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Get insights on key areas like productivity, collaboration, flexibility, innovation, product engagement and time saved.

Security assessment

We’ll help you improve the security posture of your organization by assessing the current domain configuration and security processes, followed by introducing new tools and providing security best practices.

Our team will go through your environment and complete an audit covering more than 100 critical areas.


Safely migrate all your important data

Save time and effort by automating business processes

Measure the business impact and maximize the RO

Ensure your environment is safe and your data is protected