Security audit

Google Workspace Security Assessment

Improve your Google Workspace security posture of your organization.

We’ll assess more than 100 settings covering key areas like access, authentication and service configurations.

You will get a detailed risk analysis along with recommended best practices, so you leverage the world class security available in Google Workspace.

How it works


The first step of the audit is to understand your organisation. This will help customize the audit to fit your specific needs and help you achieve the most effective setup.


We will review your Google Workspace or G Suite setup end to end. This includes a review of all G Suite applications setup, user and organization level settings and security policies.


Once we complete the audit, a detailed report will be sent along with findings on how you comply with the security standards. Together with the report a detailed plan of actions including recommended actions will be delivered.

Take action

Upon agreement we will implement the actions identified in the review to improve your security posture. After all items are actioned we will provide a report that describes the new setup in place and explain the benefits of these settings.

Security assessment benefits for your company

30% improvement

in the security setup after conducting the assessment

Security awerness

Keep your team aware about the security best practices

15% cost optimization

achived post completing the assessment

Improve the security in your company now

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