Why you should choose to work with Cloud Office as your Google Cloud Partner

Learn what are the benefits of working with a Reseller for you Google Cloud services
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About us

Cloud Office is an authorized Google Cloud Partner for CEE. We specialize in Workplace transformation by helping companies deploy and integrate Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform Services and other portfolio services from Google.

Our team is Google Cloud Certified and we can help you with planning, deployment, management and support for the entire Google Cloud portfolio. 

Custom services


We will help you implement Google Workspace and move your organization's important data from your current solution. Files and emails will be safely migrated without any risk of losing important company information.


Empower your team with the skills to leverage their new cloud tools. Cloud Office provides Google Workspace training conducted by a certified trainer. We will be able to assist you with comprehensive training tailored made for your exact needs.

Security assessment

Improve your Google Workspace security posture. We’ll assess more than 100 settings covering key areas like access, authentication and service configurations. You will get a detailed risk analysis along with recommended best practices, so you leverage the world class security available in Google Workspace


Our Google Workspace Support packages will make sure your organization gets the best value for money from your cloud investment. We’ll take the time to understand the workflows of your organization and suggest ways for you to work smarter, faster. We offer flexible support options tailored to meet you exact needs.


Are you wasting time with repetitive non-value add processes, like preparing invoices manually, receiving a bunch of attachments and organizing them, keeping stakeholders up to date by preparing and sending various reports, tracking collections and so on? We can help! Our team has successfully deployed different automation projects with an average ROI of 4X!

Plans and Pricing

Flex Plan

With Flex plan you can keep the flexibility by adding or removing users whenever need and you pay for the actual number of users, while still getting a partner discount from Cloud Office.

Commit Plan

Commitment plans are offered only via Google Cloud Partners like Cloud Office. They are available for organizations with 10 users or more and offer greater discounts for up to 30% of the list price.


We guarantee you get the right price for your Google Workspace subscription. Whether you choose Flex or Commit plan we can offer pricing that fits in any budget.


Working with Cloud Office will give you the freedom to choose monthly, annual or any other terms of billing based on you company's need.


We support Credit/Debit card payments and Bank transfers with delayed payment options.

Account management


We go beyond Google Workspace so you can experience the full power of your cloud tools. You can rely on our team to advise on best practices, 3rd party integrations, cost optimizations and much more.

Extend Google Workspace

We'll evaluate and help you setup other Google Services you may need, such as: Google Data Studio to visualize you data, Chrome management to manage your organization's browser, 2-factor authentication to make sure you stay safe and much more.

Address change

Moving your business address? No problem, we can change the billing address and invoice as needed.


Never worry you may forget your admin password and lose access to your account. Working as your reseller gives us the option to restore your access anytime.

Get help anytime

We are available to help you and your organization anytime. You can give us a call, start a chat or send an email and our team will be happy to assist you.

Top questions

I'm already using G Suite/Google Workspace. Can I switch to a reseller?

Absolutely! You can move your existing subscription to Cloud Office and take advantage of all the benefits immediately. 

Is there a service interruption when I'm switching to a reseller?

No. It takes less than 5 minutes to transfer you account to a reseller and there is NO service interruption.

Does the reseller gain access to my data?

We don’t get access to any company data, such as emails, files or chat messages. We get access only to the settings and configuration of the services, so we can help with anything you may need.

Can I limit the reseller access?

Yes. You can completely block the reseller from accessing your environment.