Google Workspace
workflow automation

Workflow automation

Make you business run more efficiently

Are you wasting time with repetitive non-value add processes, like preparing invoices manually, receiving a bunch of attachments and organizing them, keeping stakeholders up to date by preparing and sending various reports, tracking collections and so on?

We can help! Our team has successfully deployed different automation projects with an average ROI of 4X!

How it works

Google Apps Script is a JavaScript platform available to all Google Workspace or G Suite customers.

It can be used to extend the functionality of Google Workspace to automatically carry out a set of actions based on different criteria.

We can build custom scripts to automate your processes, streamline workflows and connect Google Workspace in a way that fits perfectly in your process.


What can you do with Google Workspace AppScript


Send customised emails

Google Drive

Create folders based on different criteria

Google Calendar

Automatically schedule calendar events

Google docs

Feed custom details into doc templates

Google sheets

Generate automatic reports

Google forms

Aggregate and format collected data

Do you have a process to automate?

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