Why work with a Google Cloud partner?

From services like initial setup, training and security assessment to custom plans and pricing, your organization can benefit in many different ways by choosing to work with a Google Cloud Partner.
Google Cloud Partner
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Partner you can trust

Partners with the Expertise designation have demonstrated proficiency and have exhibited customer success through the combination of experience in a specific industry, workload, or product. These parters have the Google-validated skills and certifications to help you achieve your goals.

At Cloud Office we have certified our entire team and achieved 3 different Expertises.

Work Transformation
Google Cloud Producitivity
Google Cloud Compute
Professional Collaboration engineer
Professional Cloud Architect
Associate Cloud Engineer

Tailored services to meet your specific needs

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing Google Workspace through a partner is the access to professional and personalised services. At Cloud Office we can plan and execute your entire on-boarding, including planning the deployment, setting up you new Google Workspace environment as per the best practices, migrating your files and emails from your legacy solutions, training delivery for admin and end users and continuous support through the entire journey. Migration requires resources, careful planning and we understand that not all businesses have have the time to do it themselves. Working with us guarantees you setup your environment properly and securely from the very begging, safely migrate all your important data and relief stress and workload from your IT staff.

And because your business probably needs more than email and productivity tools like documents and spreadsheets, when you choose to work with us we can help you find other products and solutions that integrate with the existing software you may have for accounting, billing, project management, etc. In addition, we’ll help you build customised solutions and automation to meet specific needs of your company.

Additional benefits for better price

By partnering with a Google Cloud Partner, you get a better price for any Google Cloud solution compared to buying directly from Google and you get all additional benefits. The benefits you get on top can be tailored to your specific needs and the nature of them depends on which Google Cloud partner you choose to work with. At Cloud Office we offer a lot of complimentary services you can take advantage of, at no additional cost.

Plans & Pricing

As an authorised Google Cloud Partner we have access to plans and pricing options which are made to fit your budget and needs. Additionally Cloud Office will provide a 30 days free trial, so you can test out all the features without commitment and at no cost. If your organisation is growing we can offer 1,2 or 3 years commitment plans with higher discounts, so you take advantage of the best price possible. If you’d like to stay flexible and be able to add or remove licences anytime then the flexible plans may better fit your needs. No matter which plan you choose, we recommend you get in touch with us to check your options and make sure you are picking the best option.

And if you are already using Google Workspace(G Suite) and looking to upgrade or get a better price for your existing subscription we can help with that as well. Additionally once you start working with us you can take advantage of our services, to maximise the value from your Google Workspace tools.

Flexible Billing & Payment options

Being a Google Cloud partner, we have the freedom to offer monthly, annual or other terms of payment based on you company need. While you can only pay with a Credit Card if you sign up directly with Google, we  also accept Bank Transfers with a delayed payment option. And for those of you looking to pay with a Credit/Debit card automatically we accept card payments as well.

Final thoughts

Migrating to the cloud and using its power to fuel growth is an important topic to each company.  There are many success stories to prove that leveraging the Cloud contributes to achieving innovation and growth. However it can also be daunting to manage. From choosing the correct plan to balancing between functionalities, costs and effort, getting it right from the beginning is critical for the success of your project. That’s where a Google Cloud partner like Cloud Office comes in. 

If you count the benefits of working with a Google Cloud partner in terms of additional services and decreased cost, on top of the best practices – you shouldn’t be wondering anymore. Working with a Google Cloud partner will set you up for more success from the very beginning, no matter how big your team is.

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